Bring the spa to your basin!

Fresh Flesh Bath and Body scrubs utilize the materials nature intends for people to consume, there are no additives-products used are edible and locally sourced.

The residue dissolves and rinses off as the scrub is smoothed over the body, what is left behind are the protective oils to seal in the moisture. They smell great and make you feel like royalty!


Holistic medical systems currently exist in many communities in countries throughout the world, including China, Africa, and South America. Most of the ingredients used in Fresh Flesh scrubs come from the Unani pharmacopoeia. Unani is a Holistic remedy approach to medicine practiced extensively in India. Most people in the yoga and spa industries are familiar with Ayurveda, ancient healing which seeks much more than physical well-being. Yoga and Ayurveda are practices of Hindu origin, most well-known to encompass the mind, body, and spirit of one. Unani, a branch of Ayurveda, originated in Greece with Hippocrates (460-377 BC) and evolved over time by a variety of Islamic physicians in what is now the Middle East. Rhazes and Ibn Sina further developed Unani into the basis for the study of medicine during the European Middle Ages.

Sugar VS. Salt

Sugar scrubs are best for the face and neck they soften, revitalize and tone your skin.

Salt scrubs are best for exfoliation, they tend to be a little rougher and work really well for the feet.

Sugar scrubs are great for people with sensitive skin, they dissolve fairly quickly in warm water making them gently abrasive.

Salt scrubs have many therapeutic benefits when used as a soak, they remove toxins and impurities.

Sugar scrubs are an excellent way to fight cellulite int the body, they break down fatty deposits along the skin's surface.

Salt scrubs have mineral properties which are great to use BEFORE a shave, or tan to achieve a healthier skin tone.


Similar to a million tiny mouths are the pores all over your body. The cells of our body have evolved through the years with a deep mineral framework, largely contributed by the ocean. Our cells to this day thrive off a harmonious balance of over 80 oceanic minerals from which we have evolved. The human body's skin cells are accustomed to finding sources of calcium in our food. Unfortunately, the food currently being grown on a majority of American farms is lacking the mineral rich soil necessary for vital, healthy skin cells. The cellular nourishment available in the organic recipes of Fresh Flesh Bath and Body products supply the "super food" your pores need to improve the effects of aging, cellulite, free-radical damage, and other impurities that invade the skin. Vitamins have been taken orally for hundreds of years but curiosity of the concept of topical use has risen in the last decade. Reputably, some nutrients, such as Vitamins A-K are better absorbed through the cells of the skin rather than by mouth. This theory maintains the idea that stomach acids diminish the nutriment of vitamins before they assimilate into the cells. Fresh Flesh Bath and Body scrubs combine nutritional supplements that in addition to removing dead skin, help to mend cells that are ruined daily by our environment!

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